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8MM Bullet (2018) kannada Movie Review

8MM Bullet (2018)

8MM Bullet (2018) kannada Movie Review

Directed by: Harikrishna S.
Starring by: Jaggesh, Adi Lokesh, Shobraj
Genres: Crime
Language: kannada
Rating : 2.5 / 5 Duration:
Release Date: 28 Sep. 2018
Official Url:

Description: 8MM Bullet (2018) kannada Movie Review | 8MM Bullet (2018) movie Rating | 8MM Bullet (2018) Movie perfect Review not loading? try


A honest police officer while chasing a goon accidentally loses his service gun, which lands up in the hands of a common man who uses the same gun to rob a bank and kill several people in different circumstances.

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